And still,
I wait.
Undone by the chasm
you left in your wake.
With regret, I wait.
Sorrow, my old friend,
the only company I keep,
torments me with the noise
of all the things
that went unsaid.
I wait,
while unremarkable days
merge into endless nights –
one indistinguishable
from the other,
amounting to the sum of
the months and the years
they bleed in to.
I wait,
Yet the shift between light and dark
is the only evidence
that life
moves on without me.
Without we,
I wait.
There is nothing more
to do, for
you have trapped me
in this moment,
in love.
Suspended here,
I wait…
I wait
and I hope
and I bargain with beings I don’t
believe in
for a love I don’t belong in.
I wait,
knowing all that will ever
come back to me
is the truth – ugly
and cruel,
to tell me that
I am a fool.

It says, ‘let it be, silly girl.’

Yet still,
I wait.
I have,
and I will.
I would wait for you
endless lifetimes.
Gravity, pulling me through years
with makeshift lovers
and memories of you,
I’ll wait, not knowing
if it will all, in the end,
be in vain; wondering
if you are in some
other place
or some
other time,
still wondering;
still believing;
still waiting,
for me to come back to you too.

  – Kellie Wilson


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