I’m a good choice

I’m a good choice
if you want a body without love,
a woman without a soul,
a pit-stop for your lonesome heart,
no danger,
no demands.
counterfeit affection,
romance without risk.
I won’t fall in love with you,
I have none to give,
it was taken some years ago,
by a man with the mouth of the devil
and the soul of a poet.
I will always belong to him.
but for tonight,
if you want a body to lay your bones
and a place to pretend …

…I’m a good choice.

 – K.W


4 thoughts on “I’m a good choice

  1. Dear Kellie, If there’s something we wait for; long for; Then I say All is present for us! All that truly is, is present. For “the Now” is not empty, it is full. There is fullness only in the living timeless moment, which is in the ever present unending now. Past & future are but a dream. We live in the extraordinary now. That is all there is and it is ecstatically full of wonder. And that truth is the mother of Joy and ecstasy. Then each breath is like a prayer; that we may be filled with joy; full of love, for what and who we are. There’s no waiting; with each breath we may awaken to the bliss we truly are now. These truths are our wings to fly

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