with my love

Why do you refuse to give me the parts of you
that I long to possess?
You think this is freedom; that you’re out of danger.
But love, you have already  surrendered.
You’ve yielded to the fear
that keeps you shackled to your pain.
So what is there to lose?

Surrender to me.

Lay your love softly, here in my hands.
I will keep you from harm.
The truth is, my sweet,
that I have forgotten more about broken hearts
than most lovers
will ever learn.
I’m quite the expert now at
piecing them back together –
it’s how I know how to heal yours.

I can fix your brokenness with my own;
I will chase out the fear,
Until there are no dark places left.
Darling, I will fix you,
I will keep you,
I will fill you,

…with my love.


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