This Woman

This Woman

Soulmates exist in many different forms.  

For E, with love. x 

This woman is a poem.

Yet she has a mind so remarkable;
so exquisitely sharp and complex,
no stanza could frame,
So uncommon,
no verse, no phrase, nor clever metaphor,
could quite capture

She is a song.

Her soul sings to me,
her voice emanates from deep
within myself.
The melody she lives;
obscure notes –
reflections of my life, my despair, my joy.
Resonating in my bones.
In time.
Our hearts, synchronised clocks.

She is a warrior.

She is formidable with a strength only ever known
to a woman that raised her babies
on her own
and fearless.
But this steel belies
her paper heart,
crumpled and torn;
to the first boy she gifted it to.
Damaged and disfigured
from each time
she had to put its spent remains back together
And the pieces never went back the same.
she took the pain and somehow made it

But I could weep
that she cannot see herself through my eyes;
that she measures her worth
by the ones who left;
every lie she believed is a benchmark;
each betrayal, a measuring stick,
of what it is that she considers
her due.

And if my darling friend,
should ever find herself abandoned and alone,
with nothing but a sea of notions
of how she could have been
better; more desirable; more deserving of his love,
I will be there,
to show her
that she is loved –
beyond expression –
not for what she isn’t,
but for every glorious, broken,
wonderful, fragile part of her.

And I will remind her that
even when the world doesn’t see it,

She is enough.

She is everything.

This woman is a poem.


7 thoughts on “This Woman

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

      I feel like the fortunate one. She’s an extraordinary woman, like so many of us, crippled with self-doubt. Sometimes we just need to remind each other of how wonderful we are 😊

  1. I believe no words can express the feelings I had reading this. This is some very very beautiful writing!

      • No, thank you for keeping alive a craft that should never die. I am a published poet and reading this has given me inspiration. I’ll look forward to seeing more from you.

      • That’s wonderful. I’m always touched that anyone has even read my writing, never mind that they were moved by it, so your sharing is hugely appreciated. I published a collection of poems – many of them are within this blog. I look forward to reading some of your work.

      • You have a way with words. And I thank you for gracing, WordPress with this one.

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