Some Nights

Some nights,
when we’re alone,
in the dark,
I think I can hear
your soul
under the weight
of the battle you had;
whatever it is,
that keeps you away;
whatever it is that you fought,
just to be here,
lying next to me.

My head on your chest,
I hear my favourite sound,
merging with
the thud of
my own blood
in my ears,
and I can hardly
conceive of the idea that
your heart was not designed
with me in mind;
existing to complete some piece of me:
beating out the rhythm of
my name.
and over
and over again.

We hold hands
as you sleep,
as if we’re grasping tight;
afraid to let go
of what we know,
by tomorrow,
will be the echoes of a memory, we think
we could have imagined.
I lie awake, listening
to the slow, rhythmic
intake of breath.
My head rises and falls
In time with your chest,
as if trying to lull me
to sleep.
But how could I, possibly?
There is an eternity in this moment
that will expire in mere hours
And in this darkness;
these ever decreasing minutes,
witnessed only by
the light of the moon,
you and I
will drown in our
peculiar kind of love,


2 thoughts on “Some Nights

  1. Wow…this is such a lovely piece. “There is a moment in this eternity that will expire in mere hours” that line there…wow so powerful.

  2. Thank you. It’s based on an idea that ‘now’ is all we have. So in every moment it is eternal (because the past and future do not truly exist, therefore the moment is infinite). Then the idea is flipped by acknowledging that even these ‘eternal moments’ don’t last. But they’re all we’ve got.

    I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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