Upturned Jar

The days were warm
and the way the light played on my skin
made me feel pretty.
My vanity was flattered
and I was left to my own devices,
believing this time
I could be different.

And him.
For him,
maybe laying down my arms
would be painless.

But, I was designed to love like this:
my heart a wasp buzzing
from beneath an upturned jar,
longing to be free
but lulled by the protection
of that glass prison.
Love, endlessly just out of reach
but observed so often,
I know it better than anyone.

Yet I don’t even know it at all.

So seductively close,
I can almost taste it.

What if I asked you
to destroy that invisible wall
and take my heart captive for yourself?

Could you be brave enough
for the both of us?
Or are you just like me:
waiting for your very own captor
to set you free?


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