A Note to M

A Note to M

Today I thought about you…

I have no way to tell you that. I cannot send a card. Or drop a note. You told me never to do that again… and I won’t. You wanted perpetual estrangement. It’s yours.

But today, more than every other day, my mind drifts back to you. And whist I can imagine your day has already been full of affection and wishes that are far more welcome than mine, I must say this:

I hope this day has you overwhelmed with love and your heart is full of happiness. I hope you have a hand to hold. I hope someone made you feel their gratitude for the time you share.

I hope someone brought you cake.

I am sending out this note into the universe knowing that you may never even see it but with the certainty that if you are meant to… if you need to… somehow, someday you will know…

You will know that on this day, for every year to come, there was a moment I thought about you –

I will leave it up to gravity.

Happy birthday, M.


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