You sketched the outline of my neck with your lips,
You traced my tattoos with your fingertips,
Then counted every freckle with a kiss.
You whispered my name as I buckled under your weight;
Drunk on desire, your body crashed into mine,
Again. Then over again.

You enveloped me so tenderly as we lay awake,
Under the blanket of the moon
Your skin against my skin,
Our limbs knotted; a tangle of longing and loneliness.
How could it be that just hours before,
I didn’t even know your name?
Beautiful stranger.

In that darkness you showed me the depth of your love,
Emptying the contents of your heart onto my sheets,
Until the sun – unwelcome and unforgiving – broke the dawn; until it broke the spell.

You kissed my lips before you turned to leave
Knowing for certain that one night was all we would share.
But that was all we needed; a moment to pretend.
For one night, I was not alone,
For only one night, I could make-believe,
For one beautiful night,
I had a glimpse of love.


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