Did you feel it,
That imperceptible shift,
The movement from unbearable love
To mild indifference?
Why did the earth not tremble,
As my love,
Big enough to haunt the moon,
Came tumbling down?

It simply got up and left
Quietly slipped out of this party
Without a sound
Amidst the noise and laughter.
Tell me, did you notice?
Of course you did
I bet you planned it that way.

Then today I woke
Mourning the heartbreak I’d lost
It was my dear friend, familiar and real,
Proof that what I felt,
Was worthy of that pain.
Why did I return?
I wish I’d stayed
Existing somewhere between
Sadness and Empty.

Where’s the romance in dissipated love?
I want the beautiful sort of misery,
The kind I wear so well.
Love left me with no sadness,
Just a bad taste in my mouth
Of disappointment and time wasted.

And the words you once said still echo around my head,

Love is not real if you know how to break it.


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