Ghosts in the Wall

My heart was tethered to a ghost in the wall
Entwined by a gossamer thread.
Waiting quietly.
Tendrils of faith planted by vague metaphors.
Constantly waiting,
In the hope that I might be enough.

My mistake was ignoring the tangle
Of ties, of lies, of love
That already had him bound.
Those aspersions he cast
Demeaned my love,
Unraveled our delicate knot.

While I’ll think of him always,
To him, I’m nothing more,
Than a fleeting moment,
Already forgotten.

Now I’m up off the floor
And I can’t look back,
But I’m overwhelmed by the emptiness ahead,
The space,
Between me and where I’d die to be.

But on I’ll go, with hope in my heart
Because truth is mine,
And love will find me again.


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