Fallen Leaves

Emptiness settled on the place he left
The leaves had fallen then too;
Scattered the ground,
Mingled with the years we’d torn down,
From the perfect start,
To the ugly end,
And all that in-between.
Fragments of our love,
Left to float away,
Or to decompose sadly, beneath our feet.
His absence,
Only troubles me now.
But didn’t I win?
I constantly sought solitude
And it found me.
But there is no glory in my success,
For I lost him, but worse, I lost myself;
Became an outline, a shadow,
An empty shell.
I’m an anonymous face he will soon forget.
Who was it that said time is a healer?
Distance only quiets the sorrow;
Numbs the pain,
But I will carry my wounds always
I will wear them with pride
As proof that somebody once loved me.


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