Ask Yourself…

Ask Yourself…

Why do you give your heart so freely,
Yet take nothing for yourself?
Why do you believe yourself so unworthy?
That you’d haggle with your soul
As if nothing more than a trinket at a bazaar

How often did you listen to his words,
And betray the voice in your head?
The one that never uttered sweet lies.
You hushed, silenced, ignored it,
Too busy getting drunk on his whispers

How much sleep will you lose
Over one that does not walk with you in dreams?
How much anguish will you taste,
And how much pain will he inflict?
Wounds that he will never kiss better

What is the hold this word has; with what ties does it bind you?
You dreamt once how wonderful love could feel,
Bewitched and consumed with its blissful agony
But it was fleeting
A ghost you’re not sure existed,
that left you dying on the floor

Why do you blame yourself for every unhappy ending?
Admonish your weary heart; diminish your own worth;
Believe your expectations too high,
An unreachable heart,
Too demanding,
Too broken,

How long before you open your eyes
And see how wrong you are?
Demand too much?
No, dear heart,
You didn’t demand enough.
In the end it is all so simple
Two things;
Two elusive, essential things,
You desired;
Ached for
He just couldn’t be that someone,

Someone who believes you’re worth the fight;

Someone who knows how to stay.


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