You touched my life for an exquisite moment
Where time seemed to hold its breath
And the universe was inconsequential,
Existing only for us.

Oh, and didn’t it feel like
Every mouth you had kissed,
The hearts I had broken,
Every soul you had mourned,
Each rejection I’d endured,
Had led us to that moment?

Kismet, you said.
And at last,
It all made perfect sense.

And you,
You were a blaze of light;
An explosion of noise,
A stark contrast to the muted pastels of me.
Your mind, so fast and alight with beautiful chaos,
Shook me from a perpetual slumber.
Even your voice; your accent,
Which seemed exotic and other-worldly,
Sent need and desire coursing through my veins.

To you, I was a calm and settled place,
A sanctuary,
The thing that would keep you warm.

Only, you were never really cold.
And so, you were gone.

Kismet, I hope,
Will guide you back to me,

If not this lifetime then next.

I hope we’ll be butterflies,

My farfalla.


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