Beauty is You

Whatever happened to make you doubt yourself?
When did it start, that feeling?
Who was is that first made you think that you’re not enough?
That you should be prettier,
That it was your responsibility to be desirable?
My heart breaks, beautiful girl,
That you should seek to measure the content of your character on the gap between your thighs,
Or on how many anonymous, pouting followers you gain. .
And you are so unkind to yourself, Love,
Wishing your hair straighter, your hips smaller, your skin browner,
Cursing the gaps in your teeth.
You know, self-worth cannot be contrived;
It doesn’t live in retro band t-shirts, or ironic glasses.
It’s unique and strong and brave.
My sweet, the truth is, you are too much – too much to ever sell yourself short, to hide in the darkness that you create,
You are too much to give yourself away to one who does not recognise the incredible light in you,
Who thinks that beauty is something tangible or temporary.
If you could only see the souls you set alight, the hearts you inspire, the imaginations you capture,
You would finally understand what beauty is,
And my darling, beauty is you.


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